Creative software professional with a mathematical mind and a research background.

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Magento cart price rules - excluding categories

Cart price rules are essentially Magento's implementation of promo codes. As to be expected with Magento, the system is quite robust, allowing store administrators to configure their promo codes to selectively apply to products based just about any criterion you could think of, to restrict promo codes to date ranges, and to calculate discounts in a number of different ways. Recently, however, a client of mine ran into a situation that Magento's cart price rules couldn't handle out-of-the box: Excluding products in a list of categories.Read More »

GitHub, and the mythical "side-project"

I recently had a burst of motivation to start showing off my coding skills in a more concrete way, so without further ado, I've added a link to my GitHub profile to my menu and I'll be making an active effort to put code samples on it.Read More »

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Website maintenance, revision, and upgrade projects

The work I do at Watermelon Web Works could be divided into three broad categories: Full website builds / conversions – Creating a new website from scratch or re-creating a website in a new content management system. New feature developments – A healthy business is always growing, so naturally there are going to be times when … Read More »

Denver Therapies

This is a project I did for Watermelon Web Works, the agency I develop for. It’s a simple, elegant website with a blog and some light e-commerce for a medical practitioner in Denver, Colorado, built using the WooCommerce Canvas Theme. Our client previously had his website built on DNN CMS, a content management system written … Read More »


I’m pleased to announce completion of my most recent project, a website overhaul for a Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit organization called ArtPass. Their mission is to empower and uplift youths by providing free art supplies to patients at children’s hospitals. As a creative myself I was impressed with the mission and as a designer I was … Read More »